┬ęDawson Doupe - The Glass Vase
"The Glass Vase" focuses on the struggles of a teenage boy, who must deal with life after his mother passes away from cancer. As his anger and sadness redefine him, his life begins to change. He becomes a person who has lost all sense of hope and joy. He treats those around him poorly, and begins to push another teen to the point of breaking. Blinded by anger, he fails to see the harm he is causing, and the consequences of his actions. When disaster finally occurs, he loses his best friend, and only has himself to blame.
Through his pain and loss he then begins to find growth. As the world he once new comes to an end, he leaves behind his past and starts a new beginning.
This story captures the true teenage spirit, and explores the darkness, that we all hold inside.

About the Film:
Who we are, and what we need:

Directed by: David Golden

Producer: Tony Doupe'

Written by: Dawson Doupe'

We are asking for 30,000 as a minimum to shoot this movie, WE HOPE TO GET MORE.

We are currently raising money for:

Paying our Cast, and Crew, Equipment and Lighting Rentals.

Paying a Cinematographer. (We hope to shoot on the RED Camera)

Food, and Location Permits, Location rentals

Props, Wardrobe, Make up, Construction Costs